Workforce Optimization

AAP’s Workforce Optimization solutions including onboarding, payroll and tax credits.

Are you tired of stacks of paperwork and forms that greet every new employee on their first day of work? Are you ready to dramatically reduce the time and money spent on the hiring process? As an owner or hiring manager, you understand how important the hiring process is for the success of your company. With AAP’s Human Capital Management (HCM) services and products you can close the gap between hiring, onboarding, payroll and the corporate tax credit processes.

Workforce Optimization is a paperless process designed to simplify the new hire process into a single electronic system. Powered by a user-friendly electronic dashboard, Workforce Optimization provides a fully-integrated approach to collecting information, managing paperwork and tracking your new employees from screening to onboarding to payroll and to processing important corporate tax credits.

Let Us Simplify Your New Hire Process.

Workforce Optimization Is a Fully Automated System that

  • Eliminates paper-based new hire process
  • Streamlines the hiring process into a single electronic system
  • Is accessible through a user-friendly dashboard located on the hiring managers computer and is securely accessible through the web
  • Provides an easy to use application and screening process for candidates and hiring managers
  • Generates a “Work Ethic Integrity Report” from the pre-screening assessment completed by candidates
  • Reduces redundant data entry by collecting basic information from employees and populating it across the system
  • Allows employees to complete and electronically sign the I-9 form for E-Verification, W-4 and tax credit forms
  • Transfers new employee information into payroll
  • Locates critical tax credits for your company and streamlines the process of completing and tracking government forms required for all federal and state tax credit programs