Payroll & Taxes

As a leading Human Capital Management (HCM) company, we offer comprehensive payroll and tax solutions designed to fit your business.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff offers confidential and reliable assistance for every aspect of payroll. Count on us to deliver accurate and timely payrolls while accommodating your unique needs. From meeting your basic payroll requirements to customizing management reports, offering software solutions and/or tax pay and file services, we can do it all or whatever portion you choose to delegate.

Comprehensive Payroll Solutions.

Submission Methods

AAP’s WEB and Remote entry payroll solutions provide quick and easy access to input or import payroll data, employee pay data, and endless reporting functionality. Process your payroll quickly and easily with our customizable Quick Entry Screen. Format the pay grid based on your unique needs, and the system retains your specifications with the capability to quickly "add" or "delete" columns, as you require. Simplify data entry by loading your company payroll defaults into the system and then "drag and drop" columns to modify your unique settings when your payroll changes call for it.

Paperless Payroll

Like many companies, AAP cares about the environment and reducing our carbon footprint along with our costs, which is why we offer you the option to do the same and go paperless with your payroll. Our Virtual Mailroom provides fast and easy viewing and storage of quarterly reports, check stubs, and archived payroll information. In addition, paperless payroll reduces clutter!


At AAP you can customize everything to save you time and effort. You have the ability to create check templates that can be retrieved and applied when necessary, automate direct deposit rules to turn on/off for bonus check versus other checks, block automatic distribution of wages, customize pay frequencies, or make calculations using supplemental tax rates. Bonus checks can be processed based on your business requirements, including customized pay frequencies, direct deposit rules, and deduction costs.

Have confidence that your payroll is correct—our built-in payroll verification tool helps you avoid overpaying or underpaying employees. AAP allows you to preview your data entry prior to submitting payroll and have access to all of your payroll reports before processing. You can rest easy knowing that your payroll is accurate every time and you have the tools you need to quickly spot mistakes. Because your dedicated service representative sees the same screens you do, he or she provides yet another layer of support and comfort that all is well with your payroll.

AAP offers other convenient and secure processing services including pressure-sealed checks, garnishments and liens, agency checks, and new hire reporting. Pressure-sealed checks are sorted, signed, sealed, and ready for delivery. They eliminate the worry of confidentiality while saving valuable time for you and your employees. If you have had to deal with payroll garnishments, you know that they can quickly become a time-consuming headache. AAP has the solution: just send them in with your payroll and we’ll do the calculations. Agency checks are checks you write for wage garnishment agencies, group Christmas club savings, insurance companies, your 401(k) administrator, etc., after you file all the payroll reports. Whether you pay them by hand or through an automated accounts payable system, it’s still another time-consuming, non-productive step in completing the payroll process. We can print or ACH these along with the rest of your payroll checks and save you time and effort.

Reporting your newly hired (or rehired) employees is now the law. We’ll report all new hires to the appropriate state agency and will complete E-Verify to satisfy your legal reporting requirements so you don’t have to.

Tax Filing & Reporting

We provide you with complete federal, state and local payroll tax services. AAP will calculate and pay all federal, state, and local taxes while reconciling and filing all associated tax returns. In addition, AAP produces W2 and 1099 and files associated W3 and 1096 forms with the Internal Revenue Service for you. AAP processes over 550 federal, state, and local forms, guaranteeing that taxes will be filed accurately and on time (a guarantee limit does exist—taxes calculated are based on information provided at time of processing and funds must be available at time of ACH debit). Our report not only shows tax identification and rates, but also each tax type, wages, and tax amount.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities.

Customized Reporting

Your payroll information is your information. You own it. The advanced multi-method automated distribution reporting tool allows you to get your payroll information how you want it, when you want it, and sent where you need it. Personalized report libraries provide you the ability to create, customize, store, and retrieve report templates as needed and automatically share specific payroll information and reports with others within your company.

Now you can see a complete view of your payroll including tax liability, direct deposits, and checks. A quick audit is provided as well with a separate listing of checks, direct deposits, and third-party and agency checks. You are also able to see the listing for the next pay period, payroll date, and your payroll contact’s name and number.

Quickly spot anomalies with easy-to-read summary lines. AAP provides you a complete summary including manual, voided, and agency checks—and you are able to hide employee names for security. It’s easy reconciliation at a glance!

See a complete view of your whole payroll within one report. You can sort by company, location, department, or any other labor level and have the ability to divide payroll into three easy columns: income, deductions, and taxes. Pay lines and deductions are clearly labeled; there is no need to learn cryptic codes or refer to a legend. You get a clear breakdown of employee and employer contributions while having the ability to view totals by company or by labor level. Quickly view current payroll versus year-to-date and see everyone’s gross and net pay.

General Ledger

The general ledger can be created using your GL codes. You can easily export these to Excel or into a CSV format, which can be imported into over eighty-eight accounting packages and automatically emailed to your CPA or CFO.

Integrated Time Off Accrual

In one report, you can view an unlimited number of policies and eliminate tracking accruals manually on a spreadsheet. Automatically receive this report after you process payroll and quantify the balances to easily track your company’s liabilities.

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