About AAP

Your people matter to us. Our commitment to you is simple, direct, and fully backed by an unsurpassed performance guarantee.

From its headquarters in Summerville, SC, and with offices across the East Coast, AAP considers itself a local business on the national level — providing a boutique experience for clients looking for a customized payroll system with a high level of personal attention. This includes effective communication and an accountable relationship that insures services are executed and problems are solved. Friendly, knowledgeable, and accessible employees are part of AAP’s strategy for securing and creating long lasting relationships. That strategy has resulted in a thriving and growing business with sustained innovation that continues to refine customer payroll performance and customer satisfaction.
We serve clients in all fifty states, providing innovative payroll, human resources, time and labor management, and payment solutions to businesses. AAP provides secure solution for a proficient payroll system with additional services handling workers’ compensation, 401(k) and flexible spending accounts, and health insurance. Let us be your Human Capital Management (HCM) provider.

Our Mission since 1996

  • Offer our clients the most technologically advanced and cost-effective payroll processing solution.
  • Give our clients the highest level of customer support.
  • Provide our clients with an implementation plan designed to meet their goals.

Customer Service

When you use AAP, you get the customer service you deserve. Your people matter to us. There are no more call queues, no call centers, no case numbers—you’ll get the answers to your questions within minutes. At AAP we operate with a revolutionary concept: a dedicated service representative who knows you by your first name and whose name and voice you know as well. Our “small group” model provides superior customer service you can trust and count on. And if you require more assistance for any reason, our entire team is trained to assist you with all of your individual services and needs. With the AAP system, you and your dedicated service representative see the same screen, and you can submit questions and comments as your payroll is processing so that you always know you and your service representative are quite literally on the same page. Not only do you get one-on-one training and service, but you also have our guarantee that during normal operating hours, if you do not talk to a service representative within one hour, your next payroll is free.

Performance Guarantee

Our commitment to you is simple, direct, and fully backed by an unsurpassed performance guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Your complete satisfaction is important to us, and we promise you a stress-free payroll service. If we have not met our stated commitments to you, we will return 100% of our fees for that pay period. Payroll Conversion With a smooth integration process, our proactive conversion team will keep you up to date with any outstanding items that could potentially impact the start-up of your payroll process. If we cannot meet our stated deadlines for your payroll conversion, we will credit your account 100% of the payroll processing fees for the first month of service. On-Time Payroll Processing If we do not fulfill our promise of processing and delivering your payroll in a timely manner, we will credit your account 100% of your payroll processing fees for that pay period. 100% Accuracy If we do not fulfill our promise of processing your payroll accurately (as submitted by your organization), we will credit your account 100% of your payroll processing fees for that period. No Payroll Tax Penalty As long as the information you provide us is on time and accurate and your account is sufficiently funded, we will complete your payroll tax deposits and tax filings on time and accurately or we will pay any payroll tax penalty ourselves. Dedicated Customer Service Representative Because we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards in customer service, we assign you a dedicated customer service representative to process your payroll every time.