Hurricane Matthew – Update.

  • Hurricane Matthew – Update.

    Hurricane Matthew – Update.

    Monday, October 10 Update

    AAP has plans and procedures in place for emergency situations. This plan was executed allowing us to stay fully operational during the recent hurricane. We were able to transfer services and deliveries to other locations, which resulted in no business interruptions. We are happy to report all employees are well and would like to thank everyone for their support.

    Thursday, October 6 Update

    We will be operating with a limited staff on Friday due to mandatory evacuations and our intention is to be fully operational on Monday. We also have systems in place in case of any interruptions to business Monday from the storm.

    As of Wednesday October 5th at 08:00am, AAP implemented its hurricane operating procedures in line with its Business Continuity Plan guidelines. At present, we are fully operational and are working with our clients to ensure that all payrolls are processed and their employees are paid on time. We are also working with our delivery partners to monitor their operations, to ensure timely delivery of our outbound packages.

    The welfare and safety of our employees and their families is a high priority, so all non-essential staff, and employees that live in evacuation zones, are being dismissed as a priority. AAP will continue to monitor this developing situation as the storm approaches, and we will take the necessary steps to move employees and resources to offices outside of the storm’s path, should the situation dictate the need. Additional updates will follow.


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