Safeguarding Sensitive Information

  • Safeguarding Sensitive Information

    Safeguarding Sensitive Information

    Last week the IRS released another reminder to taxpayers about safeguarding personal information in the current tax season. Tax-related identity theft is a serious problem. As part of the continuous efforts of the “Taxes. Security. Together.” campaign, taxpayers are reminded to never give out their Social Security numbers or personal financial information over the phone.

    Safeguarding Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information Is AAP’s Top Priority

    Protecting our clients and clients’ employees’ sensitive information is a top priority at AAP. That is why AAP volunteered to participate in the IRS initiated National Income Tax Fraud prevention program.

    To All Taxpayers

    Remember, no IRS agent will ever attempt to call you to verify your tax return information over the phone. Be sure to share this post with friends to help others avoid “phishing” and other schemes.

    More Information

    Read more about this topic in a recent IRS post “Consumer Alert: Scammers Change Tactics, Once Again

    See also AAP’s recent post about Tax Related Identity Theft.

    Sylwia Majewski

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