Tax Related Identity Theft

  • Tax Related Identity Theft

    Tax Related Identity Theft

    Last year, the IRS in conjunction with the state tax authorities and tax preparation companies began a public awareness campaign known as “Taxes. Security. Together.” The purpose of the campaign is to stress to taxpayers the importance of safeguarding personal information. Tax-related identity theft has been a hot topic since IRS’ 2015 Security Summit and it is on the radar especially now in the midst of tax season.

    As a Human Capital Management (HCM) company, AAP produces W-2s for companies and their employees. To provide greater protection to clients and clients’ employees, AAP volunteered to participate in the IRS initiated National Income Tax Fraud prevention program.

    As part of the process, IRS will validate submitted W-2s by providers and compare them to tax payers’ filing submissions. The tax fraud prevention initiative comes with following taxpayer benefits:

    – An extra level of protection for clients and their employees,
    – Secure data submission & sharing to eliminate tax identity theft,
    – No need for corrections, additions, or multiple responses to IRS verification requests,
    – Quick processing of tax returns.

    Learn more about AAP and our HCM services.

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